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Oh oh oh! My head just exploded from the cute!

I called my son over to have a look, "Hey, come and look at this Frog Baby!" He came running over and cooed over the photo then said, "Not a tadpole???"


Adorable! (learn new vocab every day! I had thought kigurumi came from kiru - to wear and nuigurumi - stuffed animal)

Thomas T

That is the most cutest ever green froggie thingee omg.


So, so cute. Shuma's outfits are making me feel I really missed out by not having babies while we lived in Japan. And I can't believe there is an entire category of stuffed-animal-wrap clothing.


that is just adorable.


Thanks all!

Haha Vicky, that's a sharp kid!

Sarah, they do both have "kurumi" as their root word. I find it interesting that nuigurumi is always written in hiragana, even though "nui" and "kurumi" both have perfectly good kanji.

Suzy, I think Australia is a way, way better place to raise kids!

Happy in Asia

This is SO CUTE!!!!!! I love your posts in general, but I have a soft spot for the ones about Japanese baby stuff. I'm over in China and I have few positive things to say about Chinese baby gear!!!

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